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Trzy krótkie utwory na orkiestrę

Year of creation: 1951

Category: Orchestral works (I)

Cast: Orchestra

Duration time: 08' 07"

Edition: 2000 Collsch Edition

Catalogue number: Sch. 28 / Author numbering: 28

World premiere: Katowice, 21 VI 1985, dyryg. B. Olędzki

Bogusław Schaeffer’s score


Realization: Wielka Orkiestra Symfoniczna Polskiego Radia i Telewizji /WOSPRiTV/ [w Katowicach] (Orkiestra)
Oledzki Bogdan (dyrygent)

Production: Polskie Radio Nagr. Katowice, Centrum Kultury

Date: 1990-03-23

Description: Jankowska Beata (Realizator)

Realization: test

Production: test

Date: 2021-04-01

Description: test

The records in this database reflect the items from the list prepared by Dr. Jadwiga Hodor and published in the album 'Graphics - Bogusław Schaeffer'. Sixty years of compositional activity (State Publishing Institute PIW, AUREA PORTA Foundation of the Friends of the Arts). Jadwiga Hodor worked on the above-mentioned census from 1970, in collaboration with the composer. The updated version will be part of a monograph devoted to Schaeffer (in the publishing process).

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Bogusław Schaeffer’s photo

I've learned to forget. I don't remember the last time my work was performed at Kraków Philharmonic. What I do remember are passing streetcars outside during the concert. Streetcars are close to me. I was most impressed by one in Zagreb. It had no lights, and the driver rang his bell all the time to be heard.

Aurea Porta - Friends of Art Foundation

The Friends of the Arts AUREA PORTA Foundation was founded in 2001 by Marek Frąckowiak (a schaefferian actor). Krystyna Gierłowska, its creative director, and Ewa Złotowska, its president, with a little help from friends-of-the-Friends-of-the-Arts, continue the work he started, among other things by taking care of Bogusław Schaeffer’s legacy (archive). They host their beloved stakeholders in Marszałkowska street socrealistic district’s premises with a sgraffito terrace.

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