Schaeffer Non Stop

Schaeffer Non Stop is a unique mobile application based on one of the most famous graphic scores by Bogusław Schaeffer.

Take a look at the Schaeffer Non Stop app
Bogusław Schaeffer

MW2 = Young Performers of Contemporary Music, TIS = Schaeffer's Instrumental Theater. TIS MW2 = a stage composition for one actor, mime, ballerina, soprano, flute or violin, alto sax or cello, piano A and piano B. The opus was divided into two. The first part was listened to with the lights out. The other, sounding identical with the first, was watched on a well-lit stage.

Aurea Porta - Friends of Art Foundation

The Friends of the Arts AUREA PORTA Foundation was founded in 2001 by Marek Frąckowiak (a schaefferian actor). Krystyna Gierłowska, its creative director, and Ewa Złotowska, its president, with a little help from friends-of-the-Friends-of-the-Arts, continue the work he started, among other things by taking care of Bogusław Schaeffer’s legacy (archive). They host their beloved stakeholders in Marszałkowska street socrealistic district’s premises with a sgraffito terrace.